It came at night. Most of them do.

He had spent the first week of his term alone in the hallways of power.

But come Wednesday night, he would announce his team, his crew, meant to turn this ship around.

Not only did it come at night, it came 50 minutes late as well. Nostalgia

“… it is important that we deploy into positions of responsibility people who are committed, capable and hard-working, and who have integrity.”


Despite rumours of his demise, the party deputy remained the state deputy.

Flash, scribble, tap

The schools were again given to Angie Motshekga, affording her another five years to demonstrate in what way she has contributed to education.

Blade Nzimande was sent back to higher education, perhaps because only a communist understands subsidised education.

Scribble, tap

Jackson Mthembu, who helped Cyril Ramaphosa remove Jacob Zuma from office, was rewarded with his own in the Union Buildings.

Public works and infrastructure should survive, given that it is now being headed by one.

Scribble-scribble, tap-tap-tap

The good Dr Motsoaledi now looks after our borders while Dr Mkhize looks after our hospitals.

Our money ministers seem the most stable, given the smiles from the markets, but as for the rest, they harldly appear the architects of halcyon days.

Flash, scribble, tap


The president said good night (just in time for the Europa League final).

The land did not shake.

And the new names had been forgotten by the time Chelsea scored its third goal against Arsenal.